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We have made it our mission to provide customers with high-quality services and high-quality marijuana and Psychedelics Mushroom at affordable prices! Green Medication Dispensary Shop is your one-stop-shop for affordable, quality Weed delivered right to your doorsteps. Psychedelics Mushrooms

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Supply The Best Organic Products Since 2008

Now our days are very risky since you’re not 100% sure you will get your weed products as shown in the picture or as described, by ordering marijuana/cannabis items from Green Medical Dispensary Shop you can reassure with our product is as described and the pictures are taken manually of the actual product. We strive to be the best marijuana dispensary in Canada with enthusiastic staff, our experience, and quality products. We are located in Various Countries in Europe where the climate and water provide for the best weed in Europe, and we source directly from growers to give you the highest buds for reasonable prices. Our mail-order marijuana dispensary warehouse is located conveniently to the places in the Netherlands that provide the fastest  Express shipping to anywhere in Europe and worldwide.



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