Buy Chiquita Banana Online


Buy Chiquita Banana Online

Buy Chiquita Banana Online One of the most surprising aspects of the Chiquita Banana strain is how easy it is to cultivate.Whether you’re a beginner or professional — Chiquita Banana is ready and willing to produce gorgeous buds that contain unbelievable THC levels.

Product details

  • Choose between SOG or ScrOG growing methods
  • Provide adequate space
  • A vigorous grower that doubles in size at the beginning of flowering
  • Requires standard dose of plant nutrients and irrigation

As you can see, the main concern regarding Chiquita Banana plants is their size. Remember, Chiquita Banana is a vigorous grower and can overtake your garden within a few days. As such, pay attention to the feeding schedule from your nutrient product and always monitor your crop after each feeding.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate

The best environment to grow Chiquita Banana plants outdoors is a Mediterranean climate.

  • Ample sunshine
  • Adequate plant spacing
  • Protection from the elements

If you cannot provide the minimum conditions to grow Chiquita Banana outdoors, you should construct a greenhouse. Remember, greenhouses extend the growing season for most cultivators that reside in non-Mediterranean climates. If you decide to grow Chiquita Banana seeds indoors, you must maintain. As always, the closer your conditions are to the optimal level — the better (and bigger) the buds!

  • 68-84F
  • 40-65% RH
  • Adequate plant spacing
  • Optimized HVAC system
  • Constant airflow across the canopy
  • Regular feeding and irrigation intervals
  • Bright light (HID or LED)

Flowering time

The Chiquita Banana strain offers a wide flowering range. At 8-10-weeks, the final flowering time depends on the phenotype. Although there are fewer phenos to choose from in feminized Chiquita Banana seeds, you will likely experience variation across the entire seed pack.

Outdoors, Chiquita Banana may finish by the 9-10-week point (early to mid-October).


Outdoors, the Chiquita Banana strain may generate up to 600-grams per plant.Ultimately, it’s rare to find an easy-to-grow strain that produces the most THC on the planet.


outdoors. Here’s a list of tips to maintain a manageable plant canopy:

  • Utilize the SOG or ScrOG technique
  • Incorporate topping methods
  • Reduce vegetative time

Resistance to Pests and Diseases

The Chiquita Banana strain is incredibly robust and resistant to common fungi and bacteria. Here’s a list of IPM-related tips to keep your garden strong and healthy. This strain is cross between OG Kush and the Banana cannabis strain. Medical benefits of this strain include improvements in migraines, ADD/ADHD, and stress disorders.


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