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Buy White Ice Moon Rock Natural Hemp Life is now one of the first companies to launch fully legal CBD White Ice Moonrocks made from EU- approve and certify artificial hemp! Fill with as important as 82 CBD, these make the world maybe by far the most potent of its kind. Our Moonrocks correspond of high- quality hemp flowers covere with CBD distillate. In the final stage, the kids admit a thin subcaste of CBD greasepaint sprinkle over them. awful scent with lots of trichomes, flavonoids & terpenes, fully natural of course

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New in the Premium CBD kids member is our instigative White Ice Moonrocks that combine the stylish of all hemp constituents and a single product. Each Moonrock, or moonstone, is produce by hand and there’s a solid work by our professe experts behind each end product.

A world- class decoration product
The process begins with our workers precisely opting the finest hemp flowers that are farther trim by hand to perfection. The flowers are also covere with our high- quality CBD distillate which not only gives the kids a sticky texture to be suitable to absorb the CBD greasepaint, but also a advanced CBD content. The last step in the process consists of the sticky hemp flowers getting a thin subcaste of CBD greasepaint sprinkle over them.

A safe and secure product
Each Moonrock is precisely audite during the manufacturing process and our exacting quality is, as always, the base of this product. After complete quality controls, products are package in a luxurious packaging that’s both air and odor- evidence. In addition, the bag keeps your Moonrocks fresh with the help of the include humidity controller, which always ensures the correct humidity position of 62.
Product takes place in our clinically clean room where workers use defensive apparel, mouth guards, gloves, and hairnets.


1/8 pound, 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 1 pound


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